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Brandon Dey

These are some of the stories of a Human who was the first graduate of the Breatharian Institute, and is a Leader of the New World. 

Brandon is a Living Soul who has come into this life with a definite mission, to help alleviate suffering everywhere in the world that it is not wanted.

Through life's initiations and ultimately, his Initiation into the Breatharian Institute,  Brandon now has the tools, methods and information he needs to complete this monumentous goal of helping to uplift humanity.  He teaches in a unique style, a means of Empowered Ascension and Conscious Discernment. 

This will culminate in the reinstatement of true Free Will for the human family on Gaia.  His observations have led him to deduce that if we do not have the correct information, we cannot make decisions from the ultimate place of Free Will. 

Brandon and the Institute teach that there is an absolute way of knowing for sure what is what in the Universe.  To be of any use, this knowledge must include acute understanding of the Ascension Process and how to work with it, in this physical world.  This physical reality is meant to speed up our evolution, not slow it down.  With the correct information, ALL becomes an Ally in the goal of your Higher Self, for the true Want of You is the Want of God.

There are teachable ways of finding foods and procuring objects that are in harmony and therefore increase the energy of the Higher Self, Sacred Heart, Inner Child, etc.  

Brandon teaches a direct method of nurturing and ultimately becoming these higher states of Being.


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