ALL PRICES GIVEN ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS. The given prices are a rough estimate, as this type of service is very personal and individuals have different needs. I will always dowse this and tend toward what feels fair.  

All of the work that brandon does is part of his ministry, therefore, all of what is 'Paid', is an offering and a donation to his ministry that includes his work in the Breatharian Institute of America and other philanthropic and business ventures.


He is married to the Creator, and therefore 'owns' nothing. All of the funds that flow in are directed toward setting up the Living structure of the New Earth, helping to uplift humanity and alleviate needless suffering everywhere on Gaia, Mother Earth.

   Services available upon request, including but not limited to what is listed below. 


Inner Child connective assistance, specifically through the methods that Brandon offers and teaches, can GROW the energy of this (actual) Body, that is the Inner Child.  

The Strength of the empowered Inner Child will compel One into the Sacred Heart. 

This is where 'IT' Lives in the body.  More accurately, this is where IT's Home is in the body.  It may be in other places in the body.. Can you find IT?  IT is God, Within.  

In a private session, Brandon can help you build your conscious connection with IT by allowing IT within him to connect with IT within you.  Often, a message comes with this kind of communication, and good information always comes through, to help One attain conscious Oneness. This means of building the connection is very similar to the Inner Child connecting that is also offered.


When Two or More gather in My Name....

Much that is offered here now, and in the future, is Breatharian Institute material.  The Institute inspires and teaches Empowered Enlightenment and Conscious Ascension.  QDT can enable one to literally, CONSCIOUSLY and deliberately make a bee line to the higher aspects of oneSelf, mentioned above and below. 

QDT, the Quantum Dowsing Method:

Services offered include:

Having the ability to discern what things are, in relation to YOU, at their creation, is at the center of what the Quantum Dowsing Technique is all about. 

This technique steps away from the old good\bad, right/wrong yes/no, linear way of thinking, and directly into multidimensional thought 

This form of dowsing can be used in conjunction with other forms of dowsing in order to quantify with greater accuracy or break down things to their simplest forms.  This is very useful in problem-solving.

Dowsing Lessons:

90 minute sessions - $85.00

Quick Questions - $20.00

Inner Child Communication and Connection Session - $75.00

  -Brandon will tune into your inner child and bring to you a message.  he will also give you information about where your inner child lives in your body, and anything else that might come up. 

+ with stuffed animal that matches the energy of your specific inner child:

 $75.00 + double the cost of your new friend, includes Connection Session

  -This is to cover the energy that I must exert, to find a specific stuffed animal for your inner child. 

All other Connection Assistance Sessions normally begin at $75.00

Energy Connection through 'things': 

This is another unique service that is offered here, and it begins with a nonrefundable payment of one dollar into the PayPal account, linked below. This little dollar will connect me to your energy in big ways. From here, and I set out to find an object or objects that match your Inner Child or Higher Self Energies. Once found, we can come to an agreement on a price. I always get rid of things for a discount, if they are in my care.  If it is something I must buy, we can talk about it first. This is a really useful service because it will provide you with an outer object that you can use as a reference point, to find others. It is an outer, energetic 'marker', if you will, for your Inner Being.

Inquire for private sessions. 

  -Brandon is gifted in communication, problem-solving, teaching, tracking, and

He loves helping willing Souls, to both let go of what does not belong to them, and to consciously lock in to energies that bring more and greater Freedom..


One of his Joys is connecting One to their own Inner Child, Sacred Heart and Higher Self..  He does this through a soul formula that includes the Quantum Dowsing Technique, and psychic communication/telepathy with the Inner Child, IT, and the Higher Self.  

It takes One to know One

Brandon is also a gifted 'water whisperer' and water dowser.  If he can help you, he will.  Brandon often doesn't use any tools to discover water, and he is able to find the depth, temperature, and composite of the water without tools, as well!  

NOTICE:  I reserve my right to serve All, how I see fit, in accordance with Natural and Divine Law.

Not every service is for every One.  Please Feel what you Need before contacting Brandon or booking a service.  When this is done, even if you don't KNOW what you need, your Feeling will lead the way to the service and the Gift.  


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