Introducing:  The Quantum Dowsing Technique 

a.k.a. The Wiley Method of Dowsing



"A Gift from God, so the New Human would be able to discern their way on the path of Ascension in this New Earth! It has been decreed from on High, that Full Free Choice is restored upon the Earth, Gaia."


This can only happen when We have the INFORMATION required to make Knowledgeable, Wise COSMIC Decisions. The stakes are high for the gods, which is why it has been almost unthinkable (before 2013), to actually be considering how to overthrow the power system in the body from a physically driven system, to a system that is consciously, deliberately and scientifically directed from the Higher Self and other inner power centers, when needed.  


In the old world, this information was hidden.


These New World Teachings from the Breatharian Institute and other New World Teachers are here to assist Us in coming Home, to Our Divine Light, Within.



Quantum Dowsing is a NEW Technique that is for this New World. It is a non-linear form of dowsing that is precise and scientific. Instead of commanding the soul to speak our language, we will engage in speaking the language of the soul, and find answers without even asking a question... Learn this technique so we can work together on this path of Conscious Ascension!


This method is a bridge between science and metaphysics, linking the basics of quantum sciences and the Inner World. The application of this method allows the dowser to stay in the “unpredictable nature” of the quantum system, and navigate the paradoxical design of reality. In this physical world of duality (yin/yang, positive/negative), there is a pole that pulls up, and one that pulls down. The tension between these poles creates this physical reality.  Everything in this reality resonates in its own location, between the poles. Ascension, or the 'moving-up process', requires that we are conscious of the energies we cultivate within, surround ourselves with, and take into our bodies. With this use of the pendulum, you can distinguish whether a thought, object or being will magnetically pull you up or down. With the ability to choose objects, foods, etc. that resonate with the energies of our higher selves, the Ascension process quickly become light and adventurous!


The beginning of the workshop will be used mostly for familiarizing dowsers with Quantum Dowsing theory and beginning exercises. As soon as one can strongly magnetize to their own quantum field and smart body, she/he will be directed toward personal reference points that will help anchor the technique, within. With this experience, individuals will be able to choose foods, objects, music, pendulums and much more. The goal of this workshop is to give dowsers this tool that they can use and expand on. With this technique, the feelings that many novice dowsers express, such as, “dowsing just isn't reliable enough for me” and “I tried dowsing but it's so hard to know if it was my mind, ego, or something higher” can be once and for all, put to rest.  Freedom from doubt and interference from the mind and ego, are the gifts of Quantum Dowsing. 


This method compliments and enhances all other forms of dowsing.


Learn how to check for, find and enliven your spiritual Self, in a conscious and scientific way. With this system, One may live FULLY in energies such as, but not limited to the Sacred Heart, Higher Self, Inner Child, the precious Ego.

Each of these Bodies wants a conscious integration that begins with relationship! Learn how to do this like the spiritual scientist you are!




I can help assist another with the power needed to make such connections, then One must nurture and grow the relationships in a deeply personal way. QDT teaches to match your own unique energies with food and objects and sounds and lights that harmonize with those energies. As this harmony grows, your spiritual bodies will be nurtured, endeared and empowered. This is the beginning of the end of the physical dominating the spiritual body.

At last, The Master can take his/her/It's place! 



Private sessions available





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