Brandon was born in the Upstate of the South Carolina Republic, in America (Al Maroc), 1977. 


from Brandon: I was born, the biggest magician you've ever met. With the power of the Imagination, I created my adulthood, to come back to my One Self, completely.  I would do this at 40, and would come to completion Oneness by 44.  


See the story, In The Beginning.


At 20, I went on an almost year long vision quest, where my third eye was opened, and I found out about spiritual warfare, firsthand. I also lived with a gentleman for about two months who insisted that I read and listen to all KINDS of conspiracy material (including William Cooper RIP  Behold A Pale Horse) . At that young age, after "being raised in the South" aka being indoctrinated in heinous stupidity on the grossest levels, my mind was BLOWN. I had no idea what sanity was, or any idea how to get it. Rilly, it was the hardest time, trying to integrate back into society. About a year or so of this crazy experience, and I found Zendik Farm, and my first Teacher, Wulf Zendik.  I had the good grace of never meeting Wulf in this life. He went on the next great voyage, months before I arrived.  Long story short, the Philosophy that Wulf  wrote, literally saved my life. I still bring the things he talked about, to Life. Living Therapy, the Genius Potential Principle (everyone is one), and Ecolibrium Communalism, to name a few.  


I left Zendik Farm in 2002, and set off to conquer the world.     See Sacred Heart story.  


In 2009, I again met Wiley Brooks, and became a student in the Breatharian Institute of America....  


Between here and in the Stories section, we will endeavor to give perspective on what shaped Brandon and forged him to wholeheartedly pursue his Life's goal of alleviating suffering everywhere in the world that it is not wanted.

I could never "ball", in the face of my suffering people.

~BC Dey


Below is some information from a system known as Human Design, about Brandon's 'Incarnation Cross'.  It is a brief description of the basic driving force, or program, that according to this system, he was born with, based on the time and place of birth.  


The Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways

"You are driven to know and have a mental understanding of all that you encounter in life. This lead force will drive you to go over and over things until you have a solid understanding. This force will give you purpose, like the ocean waves polishing the stone on the beach you will return to things, to experiences to memories to go over and over looking for that deeper understanding of how it all works and fits together. This is an individual drive so it is more likely you will use your gift as an example or an individual contributor as most of the rest of us do not have the patience to go over things so many times".


This is very true to Brandon, as he has been relentless in his quest for the truth of how to live this life in a way that honors the Great Spirit that is within. Having finally gained the knowledge and necessary experience, he is ready to teach others how to divine their way to their own divine destiny. 

.... Much more to come!


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