After the Sacred Heart Initiation, the road to health and freedom from the pain cycle was long. At the time of this story, I had been in recovery for 6 years.  

Here is a part of a longer story, and the culmination of advances in communications with the smart body. I am very grateful for this mantra that came from within. It still empties “the Weight of the World” from this body, every time I use it, and I Feel this in a very visceral way. I believe that this mantra can help anyone who feels a connection to it, to grow out of the 'only human' state, and into the human-god body.


I was in a hotel in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. It’s a small town that’s had a heyday or two since the discovery of hot water a hundred feet down, about a century ago. It’s a desert town on the Rio Grande. Hot water and the hot desert. Welcome to New Mexico. While in T or C, I like to think of the name “Truth or Consequences” as having a lot of power, like a high stakes healing game. Go enjoy the healing waters, but be willing to accept the truth, in order to heal. Be the Truth or experience the consequences. This environment is very conducive to personal healing and I’m blessed to have soaked in these waters, many times.


This particular time, I was injoyin the relaxing vibes from long soaks in the hot tubs, and using the bed for rest and meditation. These (rest and meditation, and to some extent, hot water) were the main tools I used to get through the pain of the Sacred Heart initiation, and they've been the main tools I've used since then, to build a body that is firmly anchored in the New World. 


At the time, I had been going through a long term pain in the left “shoulder”, and my partner urged me to engage in body-dialogue, and go within to find answers. This is a story of where this inquiry lead. 


I closed my eyes and I saw a version of me.  It was a lanky guy, having a build like mine, who was carrying a very heavy sack over his shoulder. This bag was so heavy that it was breaking his shoulder to carry it. It was a dark tan-maroon colored bag and he looked like a cosmic vagabond Santa, who had been away from home for way too long. It was me and it was sad, seeing me like this, so I inquired about this heavy bag. When I looked into the bag with my psychic sight, I saw the old blood and bones of the world. I was carrying around the blood and bones of the entire world and the weight of the world was breaking my shoulder. 


It was such a sad sight, because the pain I was carrying was so personified! I began meditating on this and asking this being within me, what I could do to help. I asked him what it would look like, if he were fulfilled. What happened next changed my life. I heard these words as they rung through my mind: Say this:  I AM IT. I AM EVERYTHING. I AM EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, AND ALL AT ONCE. 


When these words were spoken, it was as if pure water immediately washed the sack and it was perfectly clean and empty. As these words continue to echo within, this empty ‘bag’, or ‘sack’, expands all the way around me like a giant balloon, stretching out farther than I could perceive. It is not a bag or sack at all. It is the skin of my god-body! 


What this led to is an understanding that the weight of the world is the burden of a false idea of separation. The idea that I am this one and you are that one outside of me and we are separate, is what quickly fills the god-body with the "weight of the world".  This Mantra helps to empty the sack that is full of the weight, so that One can Live in their god-body skin! ‘Use it and loose it’  Live this mantra and live in the god-body. Be the true Self of you, that is bigger than you could imagine!




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