What is it and how does it work?

Dowsing, in general, involves using a tool to help get clear answers from that which is Within, and has the answers.  

The type of dowsing that I teach is pendulum dowsing.

Pendulum dowsers usually uses templates such as yes/no/maybe, charts, etc to obtain information.  

The fascinating thing about the Quantum Dowsing system is that this is truly multidimensional and non-linear.  Not only does it absolutely provide insights that you wouldn't expect, it also teaches you to think in a nonlinear way.  Does this sound amazing?  Just wait until you EXPERIENCE It!  The power in this technique is that it leads directly to the Power that is Within!  This way of dowsing is very much a part of the Empowered Ascension Protocols of the Breatharian Institute of America, the institute that Wiley created and Brandon now directs.

I am now offering various types of classes for students of every level. At the beginner’s level, I offer basically the same information as I do with advanced dowsers.  I teach nonlinear communication and relationship development with the One, Within, whom we go to for 'answers'. 

As the student moves through the basics of the Method and on to more advanced things, such as firmly holding more than two reference points at a time, a pattern begins to develop that will orient the apprentice more directly with the Soul. 

How can this be so?  

This is not merely a dowsing technique.  It is a multidimensional Power-tool that helps one develop a DIRECT and MEASURABLE relationship with this Innate Intelligence, Within.  

This 'Smart-Body' wants an active relationship with your conscious 'self' because YOU ARE ONE!

When we learn to speak the language of the soul, or smart-body, this process of embodying and actuating this part of you in physical reality is accelerated at a speed that may surprise you.

This Process thus takes you on a beeline to embodiment of the Higher Self.

All of this can be checked, measured, and consciously developed by the Student.


I offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons in discernment for the Ones who wish to break away from the basics and into more experimental work.

Using the Quantum Dowsing Technique, this Ascension Process can become more quickened than you can currently imagine, in a relatively short amount of time.  

Here are some of the basics:

1.  Focusing on one frequency, thought, object or manifestation at a time.

2.  Developing and utilizing reference points with an emphasis on why reference points are of paramount importance.

3.  The difference between changing things, and discerning what things are at their creation. In theory, anything can be changed. But is this the case? Does this really work in practical application?


This last statement/question is what drove me to finding this new method of dowsing. I was not given the gift of the ability to change things. I was given the ability to focus on one thing, and pore over details until I thoroughly understand it. What I found is that all things are not changeable. Things are what they are, at their point of creation. Try and make an apple into an orange.  If you could, what fun would this life be, anyway? We came from a world where we could think a thing and create it, simultaneously.  We designed this world to have certain rules and when you know the rules, you're free to play the game. We cannot just make up the rules as we go, like a tyrant child on the playground.


Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

....    ....    ....

This form of dowsing can (and should) be used in conjunction with other forms of dowsing in order to quantify with greater accuracy or break down things to their simplest forms.  This is very useful in problem-solving.




Establishing one's own harmony/disharmony spin and using reference points within one's own body, to check your pendulum from 


Finding a pendulum that is in harmony with one's higher spiritual energies is paramount, and this is done before moving on to other reference points


Learn to set up a system to quickly find foods that will feed your soul, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE


The Oversoul has placed ALL that you Need, right in front of you.  Learn to discern rather than judge.  What you will find Here, WILL SURPRISE YOU!


I get to be a beginner, too.  It has been a long time since I began, and beginners on this path are helping me to trace my path.  In this way, each student helps the growth of the next. 



Advanded Dowsing techniques.




Brandon is a gifted water dowser who is happy to help you find water.  This is one of his true pleasures, to help connect people with the water that wishes to be found. He may also be able to help you find a teacher or water dowser in your area, depending on your needs.  


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