Let's first get clear about one thing:  The EGO

Nurturing the Divine Ego can stimulate a grand healing process that is Music to the Ear of the Soul. 

Most people look at me like I'm from another planet when I suggest their poor ego needs nurturing. 


Almost everyone in western civilization has a poor, hyper-stimulated ego that has been driven to insanity, and is a scapegoat for the Gods who choose to pretend they are 'only human'.  This, our divine ego, is a body that is constantly rode hard and put away wet.  Adding  insult to injury, many of Us blame the Ego for EVERYTHING

(see the dowsing community and spiritual communities)

This is something we must all face, so that we can begin to nurture this Divine Body.  

There is a Science to Ascension


The ego's voice comes in through the spleen, and it is all about survival of the physical body.  THIS VOICE ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE, SO GET USED TO IT!  Love It, nurture It, soothe it with kindness and understanding.  It has kept you alive, thus far.  

If You really FEEL It; it becomes clear that the voice of the ego comes in through the spleen, on the left side of the body and through a 'channel' to the center of the body, and Up to the crown where the divine thoughts of the Ego are Created.


WE NEED TO CALM OUR DIVINE EGO IN THE SAME WAY THAT ONE TAMES A WILD BEAST.  This is only possible when the Beast is not on guard, and is safe.  It is this way with the Ego.  We must create an environment that is nurturing to the precious Ego so that it can unwind. This is easily done by expressing gratitude and creating a 'safe space' where the ego can let go of control.  IT DOES NOT WANT TO BE IN CONTROL like that. It is Our job to nurture the Ego back to Sacred Sanity, because our Collective Ego needs to be alert in many situations.  We have done the Ego no favors, by leaving It with no other choice but to remain in control.  This begins when we decide that life is too painful, and we just want to 'go away'.

It Is All Your Creation and that's good for You!



Your Ego DOES NOT WANT TO BE IN CONTROL ALL OF THE TIME! When we're walking down the street, the ego can be relaxed and quiet, or fully communicative.  The Ego is insane when the Master is not Awake .  IT KNOWS THAT IT IS NOT THE MASTER, and is longing for the Master to come Home so that it can take it's rightful place at the Master's side.. 



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