If You Feel It, You Are It



I AM IT is a mantra and part of a  longer mantra that came from a form of 'body talk' that Brandon was engaged in, while working through some intense pain in the left shoulder. The full mantra is "I am everything. I am everyone, everywhere and all at once. I Am IT."


"It's a New Dey"

I'm a beginner, too.  As an apprentice and instructor of this amazingly powerful skill, I am in the process of finding the Truth of what Is, with others.  My want is to help others to develop their skills with this technique in a way that in the near future, we will be discussing findings with each other.  Comparing notes and sharing ideas will bring this technique to the next level.  


It is a blessing to develop the kind of countenance it takes to gain wisdom from the elders and the young. 

The Wiley Method helps to develop the kind of Mind it takes to create Heaven on Earth.

"Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." 


Here is the audio from the first presentation of the Quantum Dowsing Technique:

This presentation was given to a room of 70 or so, mostly seasoned dowsers.  Some of these people have decades of experience, so there are great questions in here.  This was a launching pad for the Technique, and a testing ground for me to see what happens when I am faced with such skill and understanding.   It was a true success.  Hope you InJoy!



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